Project London

Die Klasse 7 d  der Außenstelle Lorup beschäftigte sich während des Englischunterrichts mit der Weltstadt London. Verschiedene Gruppen  widmeten sich der Darstellung bestimmter Sehenswürdigkeiten Londons.



Klasse 7d mit der Lehramtsanwärterin Frau Nina Jansen.



Our topic was a tour guide around the Thames River.

We visited the Houses of Parliament, St.Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London,

the Tower Bridge, the Globe Theatre, the South Bank Complex and the London Bridge.



Our names are Verena Cordes, Monika Barkmann and Mareike Peters.



We visited the famous London Zoo and met very interesting animals.

Our names are Carmen Hobers and Charline Grob.



Our topic was Big Ben. Big Ben 

Big Ben is one of the most famous buildings in London.


Our names are Markus Meyer and Corinna Grote.



Our topic was the Globe Theatre. We made a video and interviewed William Shakespear  and Marilyn Monroe.


Our names are Kristina Hein and Kristin Stanius.


Our topic was the Museum of the Moving Image.

You can see the stage where Marilyn Monroe was acting.


Our names are Nadine Voigt  and Christin Westermann.




Our project was the London Dungeon which was a horror cabinett with tortur enstruments from the middle age.

Our names are Patrik Bahlmann and Rosa Binner



We made a tour guide with our special bus through London.

We visited Madame Tussaud and the Tower Bridge.


Our names are Sarah Albers and Alexandra Niehaus.



Our project was the Royal Family and the Buckingham Palace. The palace was built in 1703 and has got 600 rooms.

Our names are Stefan Schlangen and Katharina Girnetz